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4 Questions that need to be considered before establishing a budget

Monday, 21 March 2011, 14:04 | Budgeting, Managing Debt | 0 Comment
by Numan

It is essential that you try and come out of debts if your debts are continually rising. This is important as after debt reduction not only your financial life but also your family and social life, improves. One of the most important ways in which you can proceed towards debt reduction is by planning a […]

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Credit Cards or Cash: A Costly Tradeoff

Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 14:06 | Budgeting, Credit Cards | 0 Comment
by Numan

Where do you stand in the tradeoff between cash and credit cards? There’s an ongoing debate on the preferred and recommended method of payment for routine, everyday expenses and purchases. Is paying cash better, and more financially sound, than paying with credit cards? Maybe it should be the other way around with credit cards being […]

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