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5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Definitely Learn a Foreign Language

Tuesday, 12 February 2008, 16:19 | Career, Leadership | 0 Comment
by Numan

Intellectuals are often recognized by their ability to conduct fluent conversations in several languages, usually English, French and German. Being fluent in a foreign language is a pre-requirement for many academic programs and is often a mark of intelligence and capability. The majority of the non English world studies English as a default ...

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Investment Basics Carnival #6 and Weekly Round-up

Saturday, 9 February 2008, 15:27 | Investing | 0 Comment
by Numan

Welcome to the sixth edition of the “Investment Basics Carnival”. We recieved a record 63 posts out of which 24 were chosen and are presented here. Investment Tips 1. The Dividend Guy presents Investment Ideas from My Fridge posted at The Dividend Guy Blog– There are numerous ways to find stocks to analyze. I started […]

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