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Why Diversifying my Investments Hasn’t Worked This January

Thursday, 31 January 2008, 6:47 | Investing | 0 Comment
by Numan

If you’ve taken a peak in your portfolio this January most of you probably noticed your entire portfolio glowing bright red. We are constantly preached to diversify our investments but if it fails in the “money time” when markets crash what’s the use? The answer lies in the following two principles of investment and ...

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A Case of Too Much Information? Real Estate and Stock Investments Compared

Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 5:48 | Economics, Home Finance and Mortgage, Investing | 0 Comment
by Numan

Try to imagine what would happen if there was a market price available for your home at any given moment, which was set by supply and demand. In short, imagine your house was traded in a house exchange. Scary thought, isn’t it? I can picture myself rushing to the computer every other moment hoping prices […]

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