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New initiative, technical analysis & world on an edge @ The Roundup

Sunday, 5 October 2008, 14:05 | Economics | 0 Comment
by Numan

The customary weekly roundup It’s been a while since my last roundup. I’ve been trying my best to devote what free time I have to keep posting to the Personal Financier. I hope you find my posts to be at an adequate level. I’ve told you all about my new job (which takes about 65 […]

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10 Sure Ways to lose 50% of your investment

Friday, 7 March 2008, 17:09 | Investing | 0 Comment
by Numan

Before I start I want to thank the “baglady” for choosing my article on “practical reasons why you should learn a foreign language” to be first on this week’s carnival of personal finance. I apologize for the delay in posts. This week has been hectic. And now, without further delays my post on 10 sure […]

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