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How to Save by Making Credit Card Payments More Real and Tangible: 5 Practical Tips

Saturday, 3 May 2008, 14:14 | Credit Cards, Money Saving Tips | 0 Comment
by Numan

A higher tangibly of credit card payments will ensure spending less Making credit card payments more tangible is very important as the tangibility of the payment determines how easy (or hard) it would be to make it. Credit card payments, which are easier and less tangible then cash payments, will often result in higher spending […]

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Credit Cards or Cash: A Costly Tradeoff

Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 14:06 | Budgeting, Credit Cards | 0 Comment
by Numan

Where do you stand in the tradeoff between cash and credit cards? There’s an ongoing debate on the preferred and recommended method of payment for routine, everyday expenses and purchases. Is paying cash better, and more financially sound, than paying with credit cards? Maybe it should be the other way around with credit cards being […]

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Common sense advice for credit card use

Friday, 2 November 2007, 3:10 | Credit Cards | 0 Comment
by Numan

The use of credit cards is very convenient but without a good level of consumer awareness might become a highway into financial distress. Credit cards are a very efficient payment method as you can keep track of all your purchases, make use of promotions and of course do without cash and checks and the logistics […]

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