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5:17 pm - Tuesday November 12, 2019

College Logos on Student Credit Cards

| Credit Cards | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

Having your alma mater’s logo on your credit card is cool. There are a lot of schools that offer this credit card product to their students therefore check with your school’s financial office if they have something like it. You can also check with a nearby bank.

If this product is not offered by any of those stated above then you can check online to see if your credit card issuer has your school’s logo available. If not, then you should still prioritize getting a card that has great benefits even without the logo instead of getting a card that has it but has bad terms and conditions.

You should understand that by getting a credit card that has your school logo, it doesn’t mean that you would also get discounts on your tuition and other fees from your school. It does not work like an airline credit card. What you can get instead are possibly deals on clothing and other purchases.

You might be required to pay an annual fee for getting this type of card. If you really like the card then paying it shouldn’t be a problem. A card with your school’s logo is more of a novelty item. I personally believe though that you should consider getting a card that could give you better benefits and help you build credit more effectively like a low interest student credit card. Check other credit card offers in terms of their rewards system so that you could get more value from it. However if you are in a hurry to get a credit card, look for instant student credit cards first because it might take some time to get a more personalized card.

If you are really decided in getting a credit card with your school’s logo, check its terms and conditions first like the interest rates and fees.

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