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8:52 pm - Friday December 13, 2019

A Few Important Points Motorists Need To Know When Purchasing Car Insurance

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by Numan

Here are a few important points that all motorists need to know about when looking for car insurance deals. These points can help you save some money as well in the process.

One of the main ways that a motorist can save money on their motor insurance premium is to have a healthy no claims status. Insurance firms use this as one of their main factors for calculating a policyholder’s risk. If you are lucky to have more than five years under your belt for no claims then you’ll receive a sufficient discount that can help reduce your quote. The more years you have the more likely you are to get a cheaper deal. It might be worth considering protecting your status too; it only costs a few pounds to protect your no claims bonus for a few years.

Depending on the method of payment that you decide to choose can have a positive affect on the price of the policy. If you decide to make a single one off charge for the full amount you will only pay for the total amount quoted. But, if you wish to pay in monthly instalments via direct debit from your bank, then you could find that you will incur an extra charge for choosing this method of payment. Be careful, because insurers o tend to change new policyholders a big interest charge for selecting to pay for their insurance this way. So if you want the cheapest form of payment, always try and pay it off in full if you can afford it.

Voluntary excess can be a good thing to new policyholders when purchasing insurance. It depends which way you want to look at it. If you want a cheaper car insurance premium and are prepared to pay out less in premiums and more if you need to make a claim, then it can be seen as a good thing to most motorists. On the other hand some policyholders do not want to pay a higher amount in voluntary excess and more when making a claim. You need to weight up that is best for you and your circumstances.

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