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11:40 am - Tuesday November 19, 2019

Use Credit Cards Wisely – Best Secured Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

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by Numan

Credit cards are multifunctional. Therefore, many people use it for any purposes. When you have to transact online, one of the most popular payments is by credit card. Another benefit of credit card is it’s more practical and safe when you have to go somewhere that is not possible for you to carry cash.

Credit cards are also very useful in times of emergency when we don’t have the cash for example, when we had to pay the hospital. Credit cards give term to a month to repayments. So, if we don’t have cash, we can still pay the hospital fees and credit card bills after receiving the salary. Or, when circumstances force, we can installments to pay it.

We can also take advantage of promotions from credit cards to get discounts at certain restaurants or while shopping at a particular place. If the thing we purchased is important and necessary indeed, of course we will benefit from discounts obtained.

But it needs to be observed properly. If not, this will make us become extravagant by buying useless goods or eat at a restaurant just because we are attracted by the discount given. This is very unwise.

Choosing the Best Secured Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Because of the ease of credit cards usage and we don’t need to spend money when buying something, often we are too busy to shop regardless of the total money that has been spent. Moreover, because we don’t use cash, it make the total shopping doesn’t seem large compared with cash.

The great way to shop by credit card wisely is by writing it down. With a list of all the goods which we will buy, it will help us know how much we have to pay so that will help us to ‘break’ next purchase. This list can be matched with billing statements to see if you really make the purchase. In addition, we must choose the right and the best credit card.

Company credit card provider which has a high discipline was better than the company that provides various conveniences in payment. The discipline companies will make us well disciplined in paying credit card bills. In addition, we also can choose the best secured credit cards with no annual fee.

Without an annual administration fee, credit card bills will not make us dizzy. And the more important thing is we have to discipline and meticulous in conducting transactions with credit cards and also in making payments.

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Tips to get secured credit cards with no annual fee

For those of you who do not have enough funds, the services of  getting  secured credit cards with no annual fee could be an option. Here they are:

  1. Platinum Zero (TM) Secured Visa ® Credit Card from Bank ® Applied
  2. Public Savings Bank Secured Classic VISA Card
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