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1:20 pm - Sunday December 8, 2019

How To Ruin Your Resume

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by Numan

What are some things people are doing to have their resumes trashed?

Here are some of the more common mistakes recruiters find in many resumes:

1. Applying jobs for which they are not qualified

Many people think that by sending out their resumes to as many recruiters as humanly possible, they are increasing their chances of being hired. You have to remember that recruiters do not appreciate it at all if you make them waste their time by applying for a job you obviously are not qualified to do. Sorting through resumes of unqualified people is simply frustrating and unproductive for any recruiter.

2. Having an over-ambitious career objective

Keep in mind that in applying for a job, you must be able to state how you can contribute to the solutions of the problems of the company you are trying to get into. While part of the application process deals with describing what you have so far accomplished and what you hope to still achieve, you must make it a point to also highlight skills and knowledge you have that will help achieve the goals of the company. You also have to be very clear about the kind of job you are trying to land.

3. Using a generic resume

Your resume must clearly stand out among the piles and piles of other resumes the recruiter receives. You have to make sure it addresses a specific position. You might want to try using some of the words given in the job description you read in the ad and then check that you resume clearly matches up against it. Use some of the language appearing in the ad so that you will definitely appear to recruiters as someone who is familiar with the industry the company belongs.

4. Not being clear about how you can help the company

State in your resume exactly what you have to offer. Mention what skill you have, work and education background you have acquired that are relevant to the job, and how you can use these to help the company attain its goals.

5. Not explaining how past experience ties with a new position

Again, try to demonstrate in your resume how your previous experiences can be used to help solve the company’s problems. Even if you think your previous jobs are not directly related to the one you are applying for, you should be able to mention skills you have acquired and then tie them up with the new job.

6. Failing to include a cover letter

This is always an important part of your application. Recruiters immediately want to know why you are sending them your resume. So a letter that summarizes your background and mentions one or two important points in your career will certainly be helpful. Remember that your cover letter should be an attempt to clearly distinguish yourself from the rest of the field.

7. Carelessness with details

Read and re-read your resume before sending it off. Check for typos and make sure each word you use is the appropriate one. Have a friend read it and listen to what they have to say about it. Too many resumes have made their way to the trash can because a recruiter was turned off by a minor spelling error.

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