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1:12 am - Monday October 21, 2019

Financial IQ #1 – Making More Money

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by Numan

This is an on-going discussion of Robert Kiyosaki’s book:  Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money

Do you want to make more money?  Don’t have enough money at the end of the month?  Have you asked yourself why you want to make more money?  Do you think that will automatically bring you happiness? Let’s answer these questions.

Do you want to make more money?

I think everyone at one time or another has the goal of making more money.  I am not here today to give you any ideas on how to do that, or some get rich quick scheme.  I will say that if you have a goal of making more money, do you have a process you are following to reach that goal?  If not, I would say that you just want the money and not the process (ie. you don’t want to do anything to make more money, you just want it given to you).  Life is a learning adventure.  You want to make more money, learn something new you are interested in to use as a part time income.

Don’t have enough money at the end of the month?

How are you spending your money?  Do you have a budget?  Again, is the process to much for you?  Then I am afraid you will fail to have enough money every month because you are not taking the time to understand how you are spending your money.

Do you think more money will bring you happiness?

Sure it will.  Just ask those who have won the lottery.  I have found that it is in the times when I have little, that I am the happiest.  There was a time I was out of work for 3 years and did not know from month to month how I was going to make my mortgage payment, or buy food, or pay for electricity.  We relied on God to supply our needs.  We eliminated every unnecessary expense from our budget.  We got rid of cable tv, internet, cell phones, eating out, etc.  I can tell you, we survived that time and we were not any less happy then we are now.

Can I sum it up?  You need to come to realize that your problems will never go away.  So face them head on, develop a process and learn from it!

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