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4:32 am - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Financial Decisions

| Management | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

Making personal financial decisions can be very stressful.  For most of us, we are scared of making the wrong decision or don’t know where to begin, which leads us to do nothing at all.  But don’t let yourself be scared of taking control of your finances.

I like to break things down into smaller parts and concentrate on one aspect of my finances at a time.  Instead of thinking about saving money, spending less and preparing for retirement all at the same time, I just look at one piece of the puzzle.  After I get that piece in place, move on to the next.

There is also a lot of “noise” or suggestions of what we should do with our money and how to spend it.  But the advice is basically the same as it was 50 years ago! The terms may vary but the idea of savings and earning money is exactly the same.

I try not to get caught up in the latest news and just concentrate on my own situation.  It’s hard sometimes but well worth it.

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