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8:54 am - Saturday December 7, 2019

Do You Suffer From Budget Procrastination Syndrome?

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by Numan

I was sick this weekend so I had some time to contemplate about how our finances were doing, and I realized I was slipping back into some old bad habits.  I have been thinking about our finances lately, but not really wanting to dig to deep.

One thing I notice about this bad habit of mine is that the longer I put off entering transactions into my checkbook program and checking how we are doing against our budget, the harder it becomes to get caught up.  And I don’t mean because I have a lot of transactions to enter, I mean because I am afraid to look!

The difference now is that I can now recognize when this is happening to me and I will make time to make things right; to get caught up on balances, payments, etc.  I call this Budget Procrastination Syndrome or B.P.S. for short.

Symptoms of Budget Procrastination Syndrome

  • Your last checking account entry is three weeks old.
  • You are not quite sure when your next credit card payment is due.
  • You feel a combination of anxiety and apathy towards doing anything financial.

Take it from me, the side effects of B.P.S. can be quite painful, ranging from missing a credit card payment and incurring a late fee, to bouncing a check.  So how can you over come B.P.S?

Home Remedies for Budget Procrastination Syndrome

The simplest cure for B.P.S. is to dive headfirst into your finances.  Try to set aside some time within the next 24 hours to get caught up with your finances.  Gather up your statements, update all outstanding balances in your checkbook and on your debt tracking sheet (you have one don’t you?).  Then start to look ahead at what bills are coming due and make sure you have enough cash on hand.

Sometimes we get so busy doing other things in life that managing our money gets relegated to the “I can do that tomorrow” pile.  Problem is, that tends to stay on that pile for quite a while.  If you feel yourself going down this road, I encourage you to make time today to get caught up.  You will feel a whole lot better if you know what is going on with your finances!

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