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7:20 am - Tuesday October 22, 2019

Best Personal Finance Books That Help You to Gain Financial Freedom

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by Numan

Research shows that people who are suffer from their financial, are those who does not understand their financial status very well. It is important for us to learn about how our money come and go.

After all, learning about personal finance is fun. Because once we learn it well, we are on our way to creating wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

But where do we start? One of the best ways is through books. There are many experts in this field has shared their knowledge to us through books. The question is, what is the best book about personal finance that is worth the money?

Based on our experience and research, there are 3 books that can really change our thinking related to money and wealth:

Mary Claire Allvine (The Family CFO)

The Family CFO: The Couple’s Business Plan for Love and Money, written by Mary Claire Allvine. This is a must read books for those who are making money in the corporate world. As we know, the corporate world in getting tougher every single day.

Through this book, we are going to learn exactly how to become the best staff that gets highest paid. We are not going to do bad things to the company. But we are going to use the corporate tools given by every single company to their stuff.

Besides that, we are going to learn basic knowledge about controlling our emotion in the corporate industry. A must read book for employee who wants to achieve financially success.

Stacie Zoe Berg (The Unofficial Guide to Managing Your Personal Finances)

If we do not have any basic information about personal finance, then this book is going to help us. Stacie Zoe Berg writes a practical and easy to understand information, to help beginners understand the reality of cash flow.

On top of that, this book covers about the basic understanding of:

  • Banks.
  • Investing.
  • Credit cards.
  • Insurance.

If we are fresh graduates or employees that are making our first step to buy car or home, then we must read this book. Stacie teaches us a tutorial of making the first move on buying those things, and the principal of basic loan.

Thomas J. Stanley (The Millionaire Next Door)

Alright, let’s go for something beyond personal finance. Which is financial freedom. Every single person in this world wants to achieve it isn’t it? This book is written to help us understand that not all American people become rich through inherited wealth.

What Thomas J. Stanley will cover is all about becoming a hard worker person and smart investor, in order to achieve wealth in our life. The best thing is, he outlined the step-by-step process to become wealthy and rich.

However, don’t take it if we think that we are going to become rich within overnight. It is absolutely impossible. But learn the proven method given in this book and believe it that we can achieve financial freedom starting 3 years from now.

Now, It Is Your Choice

We already knew the best books about personal finance. The next step is to choose the books that are suit our need. Don’t be greedy. Just choose one book and implemented the knowledge consistently.

Hope it helps, please leave any questions below if you need any help.

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