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7:19 am - Tuesday October 22, 2019

9 Types of Secured Credit Card – Which Type Is Right for You?

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by Numan

If your credit is now classified as poor, then the best option available is secured credit card. This card can improve your credit score, in which you deposit in your bank account will determine your credit.

On the occasion in, Luis Teixeirai, observer, explains why nine of his credit card, all got good value. Here are some tips from Teixeirai.

1. Secured Platinum Visa Credit Card

This credit cards are appropriate for those who want to rebuild or establish their credit. In addition they also want a low annual fee $ 29 where they choose the credit limit they choose. My advice is having  Secured Platinum Visa Credit Card from Bank of America.

2.  Secured Visa Credit Card from Applied Bank

This credit cards are great for those who do not have a regular income or poor credit. Especially for those who tend to make a payment late. Choosing this credit card is very good. This payment card annual rate (APR) is fixed at 9.99% despite the late payment.

3. MetaBank ’s UltraVX Visa Card

By having this secured credit cards, the bank will approve your loan up to $ 25,000 in cash on demand (patent pending) with many benefits,  and instant approval with no credit rating.

4. Black Diamond Visa card from Bank Millennium

For those of you who want to save money, having this  credit card is a good choice. April was quite high 19.5%, but you can get up to 100% travel accident insurance and you get a special high introductory savings rate.

5. Plains Commerce Bank Visa Card Access

6. Total Access Card

Both types of credit card offers 24 hour online account access and customer service is excellent. Access Visa Card offers an online decision directly, while the Total Access Card offers instant decisions, as long as you go straight to the bank itself.

7. American Pacific Bank Secured Visa World

For those of you want to require your credit rehabilitation, then having this credit card is a good attitude. Encouraging consumers, to have this credit card no application processing fee. Deposit you make is equal to your credit. If you want  to rehabilitate your credit, this credit card is a great choice.

8, U.S. The Bank’s SkyPass Secured Visa Card

These credit cards offer great bonus miles as a gift, especially when you make a purchase first and with the renewal. It also offers up to $ 250 000 in Travel Accident Insurance.

9. Wells Fargo Bank’s Secured Visa Card

These secured credit cards charge annual low at $ 18. Although banks offer interest rates higher, but you get free online access to your account, where you choose your payment due date, and you get a free rental car insurance.

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