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11:39 am - Tuesday November 19, 2019

How can home insurance save me money?

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by Numan

Insurance for a policy holder’s house costs money throughout the year. The insurance company will decide how much of a risk a house has of being destroyed by various events. If the risk is high, the premiums will be high, but this type of insurance will save the owners of the house a lot of money in the long term for several reasons.

Purchasing home insurance means that Britons have protection against fire or flood. If the home were to be damaged by a fire, it would need to be repaired. In the worst cases, it will need to be completely rebuilt. In these cases, the repairs or the rebuilding would cost the owner an exorbitant amount of money, and people don’t always have such a large sum of money available. With buildings insurance, the policy holder has paid monthly or yearly premiums, but this amount of money will be much less than the amount they would need to pay to completely rebuild the home in the event that it has been destroyed.

Another part of home insurance is contents insurance. When there is a fire, more than just the home will need to be replaced. Everything within the house will be destroyed and if the home’s owner has to replace all of the contents, this can also cost a large amount of money. Some home contents that contents insurance covers are furniture, electronics and personal belongings such as clothes. Home owners who only have buildings insurance wouldn’t have to pay to have the house repaired or rebuilt, but they would have to purchase everything that goes in the home, and this can be expensive as well.

When people need to file a claim, they will need to pay the excess. The excess is the amount of money that the insured’s pay before the insurance company takes over. Typical amounts insurance companies charge for the excess are around 50 or 100 pounds. If the house is a victim of subsidence, the excess tends to be much higher. For example, some companies charge as much as 1,500 pounds for subsidence claims. With the excess and the yearly premiums, these amounts combined would cost the home owner much less than having to pay to have the house repaired or rebuilt and have to replace everything in the house.

When a house has been damaged to the point that it cannot be lived in until it has been repaired, the inhabitants will need to find alternative accommodations. This would be another expense that can cost Britons a lot of money, especially if they have to live in a hotel for an extended period of time. Home insurance will also provide the money needed to pay for other living arrangements while the house is being repaired or rebuilt. Because hotel rooms can be very expensive after people have to live for an extended period of time, a buildings and/or contents insurance policy would save Britons a lot of money.

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