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4:35 am - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Managing your Personal Finance

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by Numan

Personal Finance means focus on you and your money. In order to manage your money the best way possible you need to learn more and gain knowledge about mortgages, banks, savings, credit cards, taxes and estate planning. Your money deserves time and training. Managing personal finance may be confusing and hence you need to remain calm and composed. If you find that you are not quickly reaching your financial goals then your expenses must be trimmed down. But you will also lose motivation if the budget is hard. The ideal fighting shows how well your personal finance is being managed. Make an itemization of your expenses and then calculate it. This helps you to plan a better budget for future expenditure. A cash flow statement can also help you to form an evaluation of your expenses and personal income. It is always better to do the budgeting on your own terms. Many of you are dependent on financial advisors for managing your financial affairs or personal finance. It’s better to research about your advisor before giving him or her responsibility.

Your Personal Finance can be broadly divided into categories like Banking and Budgeting, Loans, Insurance, Career and Work, Real Estate, Lifelong Investing and Retirement. Here are a few guidelines which must be followed for managing personal finance:

·  Mortgage Mistake must be Avoided
·  A Sound Retirement Plan must be prepared
·  Student Loans must be repaid
·  Always Budget When Broke
·  Cut Down your Car Insurance Costs
·  Save on Gas, Utility Bill, Energy Wasters at Home
·  Get a good Mortgage deal
·  Advantage of Homeowner Tax Breaks must be utilized
·  Cut the costs of college
·  Unnecessary expenses must be avoided

You need to make a strong resolution for improving your personal finance. Here are the top keys to help you move ahead strong financially:

1.     Get the Desired Pay Package and Reduce the Expenditure: Do not spend more than you earn and make sure you are aware of your job’s worth in the market.

2.     Budget must be fixed: A budget plan is compulsory for going ahead with your personal finance.

3.     Credit Card must be paid off: The debt on your credit card is a big obstacle while moving forward financially. So just pay off the balance as soon as possible.

4.     A Golden Retirement Plan must be formulated: A retirement plan is very important in your life. While managing your personal finance you must contribute to your retirement plan and it should be worthwhile.

5.     Make a Savings Plan: A minimum of 5 to 10 percent of your pay package must be kept aside for savings every month.

6.     Employment Benefits must be maximized: Do not forget to maximize your employment benefits and take advantage of those where you can save money.

7.     Insurance Coverage must be reviewed: You must have enough insurance coverage for your dependents.

8.     Your will must be updated: Protect your loved ones with your will.

You can simply choose one at a time and then set goals for incorporating them into your lifestyle. Money errors are too common and therefore be a careful manager of your personal finance.

by Jonny Pean

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