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5:15 pm - Tuesday November 12, 2019

From concerns over unprecedented levels of government debt to making money from your old books @ The RoundUp

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by Numan

As I’ve posted last week I’ve sold the vast majority of my 6 month dollar cost averaging portfolio. The economic environment is too shaky for my taste. I’m willing to risk losing potential return since the risk I consider is a quick drop back to March 2009 levels. Assuming jobs won’t improve any time soon I find it hard to see how governments will sustain growth through government spending alone. With each passing day risk of stagflation grows higher. Macroeconomic indicators aren’t really proving any strong indication of the future.

The Stock market seems pretty relaxed, though. VIX volatility is down and things are calm. This may be attributable to the 2009 year end.

I’m on the sidelines waiting for a good opportunity to jump back in, slowly (Starting dollar cost averaging on a monthly basis all over again).

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