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9:22 pm - Wednesday November 13, 2019

6 Figures at 28, Leveraged portfolios & causation @ The RoundUp

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by Numan

The better posts from fellow bloggers this past week include:

The Financial Fallacy of Patterns, Causation & Correlation @ The Financial Philosopher
Great post. The problem with patterns runs even deeper. Even if a pattern has been spotted it says nothing as to the related causality. Correlation is the bane of many of the social sciences, including economics. I’ve written quite a bit about it. Hume’s brilliant analysis of the problem of induction is perhaps one my most favorite philosophical text as it leaves you shaken by the sheer truth of the arbitrariness of empiricist life. A fascinating subject. My thoughts On Causality and Correlation in Economics can be found here.

Five things to do for the baby before returning to work @ The BagLady
This topic has grown very close to me these days. I’d add: Prepare Mommy for post maternal leave life – The level of how our priorities changed amazed me even though I had given this issue much though. Suddenly we’re there for another. That is a significant change I’ve yet to fully comprehend (after 6 months).

Hitting 6 Figures Income at 28! @ The Financial Blogger
Congratulations on hitting your mark! I believe 6 figure income is a state of mind, so to speak. The post includes several tips on how to achieve such a goal. From my experience, everything amounts to commitment and understanding of the broader picture. Adopting a pragmatic point of view according to which you have to earn rather than hope to get recognized is crucial. Too many employees believe they are entitled to much more than they are getting. This is a self-destructive point of view. The pragmatic approach suggests doing your best in a given job or seeking out alternatives on your way forward. Career management is an active endeavor and one should not hope for things to improve but work to improve those.

Are you as leveraged as Goldman Sachs? @ Gather little by little – On the importance of understanding leverage and one’s real portfolio.

Retirement Investing Advice For Late Start Investors @ The Digerati Life

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