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4:36 am - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Negotiating Better Mortgages, Options Crash Course and Financial Fear @ The Round Up

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by Numan

A long overdue Round Up

It’s been a long time since I posted a proper round-up. I find these very important in several aspects. First, they are a gesture to fellow bloggers, recognizing the hard work they put in which benefits us all. Second, there are some great blogs out there which we all should check out. And third, round-ups serve as a great source of information easily accessed. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

My favorite leading magazine and newspaper articles of the past weeks:

From the carnivals:

The Money Hacks Carnival No. 38: Aviation Month Edition was hosted by Taking Charge. My post on shortcuts to retirement was selected as an Editor’s Pick! Here are my favorites from this edition:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #178 was hosted by The Digerati Life. Here are the more interesting posts from this edition:

The Festival of Frugality – Veterans Day Edition was hosted by On a Quest to be Debt Free. Here are some interesting posts from this edition:

More from fellow personal finance bloggers:

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