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8:13 pm - Monday November 18, 2019

Small Cities and Net Worth, Misconceptions, and Hanging on to Gas Guzzlers? @ The RoundUp

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by Numan

The customary weekly roundup

I hope you have found my new initiative helpful and interesting. The following are some of the more interesting reads from top business papers:

On to carnivals:

The Money Hacks Carnival #23 was hosted by Can I get Rich on a Salary. My favorite posts from this edition include:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #163 was hosted by You Need a Budget. Here are my carnival picks:

The Festival of Frugality #136 – Summer School Edition was hosted by Student Scrooge. I’ve found these the most interesting:

  • Get 100+ MPG with scooters @ Gather Little By Little – I’ve only recently written a post on the matter myself and I’m glad to see scooters are really kicking in.
  • Consider Dumping Your Newspaper In Favor of Your Iphone @ EnviroHumanImpact – I actually canceled my newspaper subscription two weeks ago in an effort to reduce the amounts of paper lying around the house and to save some money. I’m having trouble getting used to paperless mornings. I don’t think I’ll last long but rationally speaking this is a sound advice.

More from fellow personal finance bloggers:

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