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9:22 pm - Wednesday November 13, 2019

No Free Bubble, Value-Packed Cars, 25 Ways to Improve Your Finances & More @ The RoundUp

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by Numan

The customary weekly roundup

Newspapers and magazines hold a wealth of information. Each roundup I’ll do my best to present some of the more enlightening, educating and at times practical articles I’ve read during the past week. My picks for this week are:

  • No Free Bubble @ NY Times Simple logic dictates the same people and corporations that reaped fantastic and legendary profits should also be held accountable for the current crisis? A wide and generous federal safety net says otherwise. The question of whether the government should bail out these individuals and corporations is a deep one in a capitalistic society which holds entrepreneurship so dear.
  • Unhappy America @ The Economist – With the statue of liberty contemplating as a front page cover The Economist calls for an American soul search and self examination. A very interesting read.
  • Ten Most Value-Packed Cars @ Forbes – Very practical and very current even with slightly declining oil prices (please don’t forget where we were two weeks ago).

On to carnivals:

The Festival of Frugality #135 – The Frugal All Over Edition was hosted by Antishay Ventenne. My favorite posts from this edition are:

The Money Hacks Carnival #21 was hosted by HelpMyCashGrow.Com. I recommend the following posts:

The 162nd Carnival of Personal Finance: Baseball edition was hosted by Taking Charge. I enjoyed the following posts:

  • Goals Are Great Motivators @ Free From Broke – A good reminder of the importance of goals.
  • Backlash @ Save and Conquer –Deals with the painful results of a weak regulatory environment.

If this wasn’t enough, here’s more from fellow personal finance bloggers:

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