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9:19 pm - Friday December 13, 2019

Saving Hundreds of Dollars Easily with Well Placed Outlook Reminders

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by Numan

Timely reminders can help save you a lot of money avoiding automatic renewals and getting better deals

Ever since I started blogging I’ve adopted a positive outlook on the expensive and costly mistakes I make from time to time. I simply view them as tuition paid and a good story earned for The Personal Financier which just might save money for my readers.

We got a really good packaged deal with all out telecommunications needs included (Phone line, Internet, Cable etc.). This deal saved us at least 400$ for the year. We signed up for a one year deal knowing we should expect some tough negotiations the following year.

Time passes by so fast a year has gone by and we didn’t even notice. You can imagine our surprise when we were billed significantly higher for the first month of this year cutting deep into our earlier saving. We had expected it of course but we were sure we’d catch it on time and avoid the automatic and pricy renewal.

This is a prevailing tactic and sales technique of many companies ranging from telecommunications providers to insurance agencies.

Come to think about it, it doesn’t need to be a special promotion, deal or anything of that sort. Many of our automatic renewal deals become costly over time taking advantage of our customer loyalty and lack of diligence.

Which of our payments are usually auto renewed?

My generic list looks something like that:
1. Telecommunications – Cable, Phone, Internet, Cellular etc.
2. Subscriptions – Papers, Magazines, Health Clubs etc.
3. Insurance – All kinds of insurance
4. Utilities
5. Hobbies and Pastimes

I’m sure there are a lot more similar expenses which I’ve missed but the point should be clear. We can save on all these expenses by examining them on an annual basis (at the least).

Saving on these payments is very simple

My advice on how to save on these types of payments is pretty straight forward and is made up of two basic steps:
1. Add a reminder to your calendar of any expiring deals, obligations or engagements.
2. When the reminder pops up take an hour to shop and compare prices.

Saving has never been that easy. Companies are literally counting on us, as consumers, to fall asleep, or to get comfortably numb and just keep on paying for eternity. Our payments slowly, yet steadily, increase and we never notice.

There are always good explanations to price increases that the sales representative would gladly offer once you make the call and demand to know why you’re paying so much. Take advantage of the minute you’re free to choose again and suddenly you’ll get a special discount for being such a loyal customer all these years.

All it takes to save those dollars is to update the calendar near you of these precious moments and take advantage of them.

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