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8:11 pm - Monday November 18, 2019

Financial Philosophy, Leaving the Office Earlier and Work Lunch Ideas @ The Roundup

| Philosophy | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

Sunday Roundup as Customary

As some of you may have noticed I’ve switched to my own custom domain @ Hopefully everything will work smoothly as it always has. As always your suggestions, thoughts, questions and comments are always welcomed.

The Money Hackers Carnivals #13 was hosted by Moolanomy. I made editor’s choice with Higher Gas Prices: A Blessing in Disguise or an American Wakeup Call. I also enjoyed:

The Carnival of Personal Finance #153 was hosted by Money and Values. The following posts caught my eye:

  • Mind vs. Brain Part II: Priorities, Pursuits and Productivity @ The Financial Philosopher – I’ve only recently discovered this blog and I wish I had done so much earlier. The financial philosopher presents personal finance wrapped and inspired by philosophical concepts. I enjoy philosophy immensely and I’m currently completing a Masters degree as a personal interest. I believe anyone with a fondness for thinking will enjoy this blog.
  • Unhappy with your job? You’re not alone @ Gather Little by Little

The Festival of Frugality #126 was hosted by The Financial Blogger. Here are my picks:

More from fellow personal finance bloggers:

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