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4:34 am - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Money Stories, Pets and More @ The Carnivals

| Money Saving Tips | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

The Carnival of Personal Finance #147: Q1 Financial Advice Edition was hosted @ Moneyning. I found the Following posts particularly interesting:

  • The Cost Of A Bigger House @ Frugal Babe
    I bring you this story which demonstrates, quite successfully, what I always talk about. Firstly, You should buy a home which lasts you at least 10 years (if not more). Secondly, frugality only gets you so far. The real money is in the big ticket items. Although a frugal state of mind is always necessary.
  • Four Ways I Upgraded Out Of My Raises @ Free From Broke
    Another story which discusses another painful issue I intend to deal with in one of my upcoming posts. The hedonistic fallacy or why more consumption won’t make us any happier.
  • Hey, You Invest Like a Girl! @ Dividends4Life
    This short post uncovers a little known truth. Women are better investors than men. Understanding why is yet another step in the right direction towards smart investing.
  • The Annual Cost of Pet Ownership: Can You Afford a Furry Friend? @ Money under Thirty
    A good niche article is always in demand. This post deals with costs of pet ownership and is straight and to the point.

The Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate was hosted @ Searchlight Crusade. I recommend The Difference Between Note Rate (APY) and APR by Dan Melson.

The Money Hacks Carnival #7 Real People Named Hacker Edition was hosted @ Mommy Gets Paid. I chose the mention the following posts:

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