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1:08 am - Monday October 21, 2019

Investing in Your Pantry and Bargain Antiques @ CNN Money and Yahoo! Finance

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by Numan

At a great timing Brett Arends wrote a great article for the Wall Street Journal which was featured on Yahoo! Finance titled “Load Up the Pantry“.

She argues that as flour, rice, milk, eggs and more basic food prices sore investing your money in a stocked pantry is wiser than just letting it rot in a bank account maxing at 4%.

The article provides additional background and some future predictions (in continuance to my post on the commodity and food prices) and makes for a very interesting and recommended read in my opinion.

Another article with real added value was published at CNN Money and reveals “The best kept secrets of antique shoppers“. This is a great post on a tightly closed, less familiar market. Apparently there are real bargains out there.

This weekend The Personal Financier will feature the “Carnival of Investment Basics” and a weekly round-up as usual. Next week I’m planning on posting two great posts about fortifying our careers and on breaking the vicious circles of debt.

I’m always glad to receive questions, comments, ideas and thoughts and will gladly discuss them on the blog should they be interesting enough for everyone.

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