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2:43 am - Saturday November 16, 2019

Colleagues and Resources: Weekly Round-Up

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by Numan

I usually don’t like round-up’s very much since I think a blogger should contribute his own content and not leverage other peoples’ content. However, round-ups are required to spread some link love and to show gratitude and appreciation to your colleagues.

First, a couple of articles from two of my favorite resources online:
1. Sharpening Your Skills: Disaster! @ Harvard Business School, Working Knowledge
A very relevant article on handling and managing crisis and how to develop the right skills to do so.
2. Business this week @ The Economist
A good summary of what happened in the business world this week.

I’ve particularly enjoyed the following posts by fellow bloggers and would like to share them:

The Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate is small but promising. Hosted by Searchlight Crusade who found a very innovative solution to handling over enthusiastic bloggers which mass submit carnival posts even if they aren’t related to the subject matter. I especially liked Dax Desai’s post on Buying a Foreclosure Property.

The Carnival of Personal Finance #145 hosted a few very interesting posts:
1. Is the perfect financial storm brewing? @ Millionaire Mommy Next Door
2. The fallacy of return on investment @Quest For Four Pillars

The Money Hacks carnival is new to me. I’ve enjoyed the following posts:
1. Critical Thinking and the Media – Awareness Brings a New Eye @ I’ve Paid for This Twice Already …
2. Stock Market Technical Analysis Versus Fundamental Analysis, In Pictures @ The Digerati Life

Last, but not lease, The Festival of Frugality featured this interesting post on How to Spend Less for Organic Foods @ Jinxy Knows Best

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