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8:13 pm - Monday November 18, 2019

Another Edition of the Investment Basics Carnival

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by Numan

Welcome to another edition of the Investment Basics Carnival. I’ve picked the following articles because I believe they offer added value. I’ve added my own thoughts to each article. Hopefully you’ll find them stimulating.


1. Trent presents Review: One Up On Wall Street posted at The Simple Dollar. An interesting book review of another book by Peter Lynch (former Fidelity fund manager and Wall Street guru).

2. Heather Johnson presents 10 Tips for Staying Positive in a Negative Market posted at Investing Blog. Psychology is as important as finance and economics in times of crisis.

3. ThePennySaved presents Learning about investing from Jim Cramer is like finding God through Jim Bakker posted at The Penny Saved. I agree hearitly. Furthermore, he needs to attract attention somehow, usually by being provocative. His last comment on the financial sector in the USA is no less than completely irresponsible.

4. Bobby Handzhiev presents The Sexy Art Of Losing Money posted at The Shark Investor. It’s like falling of a bike or falling while skiing. No other way to learn.

5. vitalstarts presents Moving Average Mojo posted at Vital Starts Investing. Explaining the concept of a moving average. Important for novice investors.

6. Donovan Snelleman presents Why You Should Learn To Invest posted at Representing the “invest it yourself” school of thought. I believe it’s very risky and requires deep understanding. As I always say professional exist for a reason

7. Jose DeJesus MD presents Improve Investment and Financial Results – Simplify and Conquer posted at Physician Entrepreneur– Keep it simple …

8. mmhabits presents Let the Grass Grow: Seeding and Nurturing Wealth posted at Millionaire Money Habits. Watching investments compound is very similar to watching grass grow. I believe the trick is to avoid revisiting them often.

9. Mark Runta presents Strategies To Hedge Your Portfolio posted at Smart Investing & Money Management. Hedging is important for any portfolio. Just don’t be temped to make money with derivatives and shorts since you just might lose everything.

10. Investing Angel presents How To Avoid A Stock Scam posted at Stock Tips. Tips on identifying stocks scams. Just remember there are no free lunches.

11. CheapCanuck presents Low Income Earners – It might be time to get those dividends rolling in posted at CHEAP CANUCK. Tips for maximizing after tax returns on investment.

12. Joe Hitchem presents Stamps – A Sticky Investment posted at Start Stamp Collecting. Investing in stamps is usually best avoided since returns are very low. This might change your mind.

13. Oscar DaGrouch presents An argument against reinvesting dividends posted at Make me money– I’m wondering why keep the stock at all if you’re not ready to re-invest dividends?


A bit extreme for my taste, I believe excess frugality leads to unhappiness. Still these are interesting reads.

1. KCLau presents Top 5 Regular Monthly Expenses We Don’t Need posted at KCLau’s Money Tips

2. Hank presents The 29 most frugal things I have ever done – do yours compare to my past levels of cheap? posted at My Investing Blog– .

Financial Planning

1. An interesting trade-off to consider. Praveen presents The 62/70 Solution for Claiming Social Security Benefits posted at My Simple Trading System.

2. chica with issues presents Which IRA is right for you: Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA posted at One Snarky Chica with Issues– A basic discussion and comparison.

I’d like to take the opportunity and acknowledge the following for featuring my posts on their carnivals: marketprognosticator, life lessons of a military wife and beingfrugal.

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