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11:42 am - Tuesday November 19, 2019

Upcoming Tax Rebates, Spotting Genuine Market Lows and More

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by Numan

I’ve just finished reading a very useful article in Yahoo about the upcoming tax rebates which I think you will find interesting. It addresses the basic questions of who’s entitled to get a check? How much will we get? What needs to be done? When can we expect the money? How to boost rebates? Etc… The article can be found here “Tax Rebate Winners and Losers”.

Another interesting article I thought you’d like was published in “The Economist” titled “Bear Necessities”. This article deals with the notoriously difficult questions of how can one spot the difference between a genuine market low and the staging point for a short-lived “suckers” rally. The article discusses stock dividend yield vs. bond yields, p/e multipliers and the fear factor.

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