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2:44 am - Saturday November 16, 2019

Investment Basics Carnival #5 and Weekly Round Up

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by Numan

Welcome to the fifth edition of the “Investment Basics Carnival”. We had 35 posts out of which 17 were chosen and are presented here.

1. Larry Russell presents Fund Authority Scores – Taking the Snake Oil Out of Investment Fund Evaluation posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog, saying, “Superior mutual fund and ETF performance charts are the sales tools of modern financial snake oil salesmen. They allow investment fund promoters to market selectively their supposedly superior funds and to allege that their excessively high fees are worth it.

2. Michael E Johnson presents Should I Use My Loans To Invest? posted at Student Loan Consolidation

3. Value Seeker presents Stock Investing Vs. Stock Trading – Stock Investment Resource: Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Investing, saying, “Describes the advantages and disadvantages of stock investing compared to stock trading.”

4. Slackerwealth presents Investing in Agriculture, ETN, Jim Rogers posted at A Slacker’s Quest for His First Million, saying, “Discusses merits of new way of investing in agriculture commodities to hedge against inflation.”

5. Leon Gettler presents Fed’s rescue plan: too little, too late posted at Sox First, saying, “The Fed’s rescue plan for subprime is a case of shutting the barn door after the horses have bolted. Too little, too late”

6. Steve Faber presents Three Good Rules to Help Find the Best Stock Picks posted at DebtBlog, saying, “Sure, you can pick your stocks the old fashioned way; using a broker. What happens if you want to choose your own? Here are 3 ways you can get started looking.”

7. Mr Credit Card presents Cash Back Credit Card Guide posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog

8. aishwish presents YOUR CREDIT SCORES AND CAR INSURANCE RATES: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 760 AND 600 posted at Insurance SchemesInsurance offers

9. Randall presents My Mutual Funds Dropped 23% Yesterday!! posted at Credit Withdrawal.

10. Investing Angel presents Is Trading For You? posted at Stock Tips, saying, “See if stock trading is the right for you!”

11. Lucy Baldwin presents Buying Gold 101 For Beginners posted at Gold To Buy: Investing in Gold, saying, “A beginner’s guide to investing in gold.”

12. KCLau presents KCLau’s Money Tips in 2007 – Personal Finance Articles Yearly Roundup posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “roundup of finance related article discussed in 2007”

13. Raag Vamdatt presents Goal Based Investing :: :: Financial Planning demystified posted at – Financial Planning demystified.

14. Leroy Brown presents Investing takes nerves of steel posted at Llama Money, saying, “Don’t jump off a bridge when your investments fall, simply relax and stay the course – things will work out.”

15. Investing Angel presents Common Stock Investing Mistakes posted at Stock Tips, saying, “As we go into 2008, let’s recap some of the common mistakes we all make and strive to avoid making them in 2008. 1. Trading too often. This largely depends on the size of your asset base.”

16. Brian Steeves presents Technical Stock Charts: Average Directional Movement Index posted at FeedBulletin for: financialbullet.

17. Adfecto presents Ignore the Stock Market Pain posted at Adfecto Abundantia – Aspire 2 Wealth, saying, “I follow a few simple rules that let me sleep at night even as the market nose dives. Learn the techniques that keep your portfolio in good shape even in a down market.”

My post on Uncertainty and Risk differentiated – Is a Tactical Surprise Preferable to a Strategic Surprise? made it to the Carnival of Capitalists #12 and The Carnival of Personal Finance #134.

My post on doing it yourself doesn’t always pay made it to the Festival of Frugality #107 – The little things edition and the 41st edition of the Carnival of Money Stories.

My post on Understanding Important Hidden Psychological Aspects of Rent vs. Buy Comparisons made it to the Carnival of Debt Management #34.

I’d like to thank both the authors and carnival admins for their time and quality content.

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