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4:33 am - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Setting Goals for My Blog

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by Numan

I’ve been writing online for three months now. I’ve experimented with writing at content sites such as: Helium, Associated Content and Constant content and also in maintaining my own blog here at Personal Financier.

I’ve made the most money in Constant Content and Helium’s Marketplace but I get the most out of blogging. There’s something else about writing a personal blog and having a readership.

As many self development and management sites teach us I’ve decided to post my goals for this blog for the 3 months to come. Here they are:

1. Unique visitors: 120 unique visitors a day (currently at 25).
2. Page views per visitor: 3 Page views per visitor (currently at 1.25).
3. Feed subscribers: 70 subscribers (currently at 16).
4. Article posts each month: 20 (18.5).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my readers and encourage all to mail any suggestions, requests, comments or thought to me at:

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