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5:17 pm - Tuesday November 12, 2019

Investment Basics Carnival #2

| Economics, Investing, Psychology | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

The second edition of the investment basics carnival recieved 30 posts. Here are the better ones:

1. Jose DeJesus MD presents Your Money – The Flight To Quality posted at Physician Entrepreneur– In the midst of hightened volatility in stock prices, there has been a flight to what are viewed as safer investments.

2. Doug Boggs presents The Dollar vs. the Euro? posted at Boggs Development Group, LLC– Interesting discussion of a possible merge of Dollar and Euro

3. The Career Counselor presents Seven Strategies to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck posted at ask the CareerCounselor– Simple, basic and effective.

4. Leon Gettler presents Keeping up with the Joneses: bubbles and herding behavior posted at Sox First– Interesting analysis of herding behavior

5. The Dividend Guy presents Quality Investing Quotes from Some Big Name Investors posted at The Dividend Guy Blog– Speaks for itself

6. Logan Flatt, CFA presents It’s Future Cash Flows, Stupid! posted at– Valuation Basics

7. rb presents Mutual Versus Index Funds posted at– Mutual funds and index funds compared

8. Warren Wong presents What Is The P/E Ratio And What The Price Earnings Ratio Means posted at Personal Development for INTJs

9. Dax Desai presents ETF’s for the Falling Dollar posted at Dax Desai

10. The Investor’s Journal presents How Much Should I Invest In The Stock Market? posted at The Investor’s Journal

11. Mark U Runta presents Market Turmoil – Is it Keeping You Awake At Night? posted at Smart Investing & Money Management

12. Kurt Brouwer presents How Much Should You Invest In Stocks? posted at Fundmastery Blog

13. Steve Faber presents – Good Stocks to Invest In – How to Find Them posted at DebtBlog

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