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9:24 pm - Wednesday November 13, 2019

How to Make More Time – A Series of Posts on the Biggest Time Consumers and the Efficient Ways to Deal with Them

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by Numan

In December I plan to publish a series of 8-10 posts on how to make more time. I consider myself a very efficient person. In my professional life I’ve taken the time to observe daily routines and behaviors in order to make more free time for myself (writing can be very time consuming…).

I intend to share my findings and some additional research on how to make more time by efficiently managing:
1. Emails
2. Cellular Phones
3. Meetings
4. Traffic
5. Planning
6. Management
7. Time management (yup, Meta time management)
8. Information

I would love to hear your ideas on how to make more time. Guest authors are more than welcomed.

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