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9:21 pm - Wednesday November 13, 2019

10 Tips on How to Avoid Overspending In Supermarkets

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by Numan

We are all educated consumers and we all have shopping lists we follow. However, we always find ourselves grabbing those 3-5 extra unplanned products. According to marketing experts some 75% of our decisions are actually made in the store itself. We, as consumers usually buy 30% more then we’ve planned on.

Supermarkets are well aware of those numbers. How do we avoid overspending then?

1. Your list should be as detailed as possible – Assume the following products are on my list: Bread, Coffee, Cereals etc. Which brand should I buy? And how much? We get our answers looking to the shelves. When shopping have a detailed list which includes brand names and quantities. Only shop for price per quantity.

2. Know the floor plan of the store – Supermarkets are well organized to keep you trapped in for a long time. Dairy and meat products will always be located on corners and far away from the entrance. Popular products will be well scattered through out the store. Know where to get what you need and minimize your length of stay in the store.

3. Look for cheaper products, of the same quality on lower and upper shelves – More attractive products will always be located on your right and at eye level. Cheaper products, usually of the same quality, will be located either very low or very high. Low shelves often hold attractive products placed at children’s eye level so be wary.

4. Don’t go shopping hungry – The impossible array of sights, smells and sounds will surely have its affect on you.

5. Compare price per quantity and not per packaging – Very intuitive yet very confusing. Many shoppers compare price per package because the products are just organized that way. Take a second look at how much each package holds.

6. Throwing away food? You’re buying too much – Temptation always arises in supermarkets. We’ve seen why. Control yourself at the sights of great fruit for example. That extra amount bought will usually be thrown away in a week.

7. Take advantage of deals and promotions but do not buy too much just because more is cheaper – Do you really need that extra jar of honey offered in the 2+1 discount? How long does it take you to go through a jar of honey?

8. Buy big volume products first – Buying a pack of toilet paper will surely take up cart space away from unnecessary shopping.

9. Don’t take your children shopping – A big no in saving on groceries is taking your children shopping. As children are very susceptible to eye-candies and parents are very susceptible to children the result is obvious.

10. Get your Caffeine before you go shopping – Don’t spend time in a supermarket’s café. Minimize your stay.

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