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11:38 am - Tuesday November 19, 2019

How to Measure a Blog Posts Popularity – A Novel Idea

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by Numan

I’ve been posting quite a few about content sites. I’ve recently thought about an interesting idea of how to measure which topics are more interesting to readers.

I’ve been posting on Associated Content and Helium for about a month now. It occurred to me that Associated Content’s Page Views or Helium article earnings can be used to measure the popularity of certain topics or issues. This can only be achieved, of course, if you have enough articles with relatively constant quality on various subjects.

In my case I found the following results which surprised me quite a bit:
1. 2 out of 25 articles, both dealing with managing employees, generated 33% of page views.
2. Further down the list 16 investment related articles generated another 50% of page views
2. Last came other personal finance issues like credit cards and mortgages with 7 articles for 18% of page views.

This astounds me as the two articles on managing employees where of the same relative quality as the others.

This finding has brought me to add a readers survey to my blog. I would appreciate it if you stooped and tell me which topics are of most interest to you as readers.

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