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10:18 pm - Friday December 13, 2019

Basic Human Rules for Creating World Wide Movements

| Economics, Leadership, Management | Rating: 4.5
by Numan

Tim Castree has recently created a difference. Mr. Castree is the CEO of Leo Brent Australia and has successfully turned the lights off at Sidney Australia for one hour – “Earth hour”. 2.2 Million People participated in this initiative that resulted in a decrease of 10.2% in Sidney carbon emissions.

According to Castree there are seven basic human rules for creating world wide movements such as facebook or Earth hour which are first and foremost about marketing:

1. The need to be a part of something – People are imprinted with a strong urge to belong and follow.

2. Identifying with successful people – Recruiting celebrities for people to identify with.

3. Self expression – People need and want self expression. Creating a buzz and excitement is necessary. An issue should be made accessible to people.

4. Work is not divided equally – Game theory describes how people tend to do less in larger groups. The wisdom is letting passionate people lead and others to join.

5. Motivation and inspiration are key – fear and shame are not adequate drivers.

6. Change should be made in small portions – Small and feasible changes quickly become a process.

7. Share achievements – Participants should feel rewarded.


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