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2:43 am - Saturday November 16, 2019

Associated Content’s Clout Index and Helium Stars: Brilliant Motivators

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by Numan

I’ve been posting articles to Helium and Associated Content for a while now. While this might lack complete economic reason the joys of writing are many. However, I’ve recently began to reflect upon AC’s Clout Index and Helium’s Stars as marketing tools.

It is fairly obvious content sites must have a way of distinguishing authors of quality. Helium awards stars as a function of ranking and quantity and AC has their clout index to indicate how many view an author has received. The simple ingeniousness behind establishing these indicators is creating another motivation for authors, other then money to posting quantity and quality.

If you’ve been posting to Helium or AC stop and think about it. Haven’t you been trying ranking and writing for more stars for the sake of the stars themselves? Haven’t you been posting to AC like crazy to receive recognition in the form of a little Saturn like dots? Haven’t these indicators became a goal in themselves?

As humans I believe we constantly look for recognition in various forms. Posting to content sites often begins as an economic effort but endures thanks to these little shining articles of recognition.

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