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9:04 am - Saturday December 7, 2019

Switching to CFL (compact fluorescent lamp)

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by Numan

According to Wikipedia: “A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), also known as a compact fluorescent light bulb is a type of fluorescent lamp designed to replace an incandescent lamp. Many CFLs can fit in the existing incandescent light fixtures.”

An interesting article I read today mentioned the following facts:

1. CFL’s take up to 70%-80% less electricity compared to incandescent lamps.
2. CFL’s living span is up to 6 to 10 times that of an incandescent lamp.
3. 11w of CFL power is equal to 60w of incandescent lamp power.
4. Changing 10 lamps to CFL’s will result in a yearly saving of up to 150$.
5. Most of the power in an incandescent lamp is wasted on heat not light.
6. California will soon ban the use of incandescent lamps. In Europe a similar law is currently drafted and in Australia the use of these lamps will be banned by 2010.

A classic win win situation in my opinion.

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